Can I cut acrylic with a diode laser?

Many people start their laser cutting journey with a diode laser.  I did.  But can we use them to cut acrylic?

Can I cut acrylic with a diode laser?

Many people start their laser cutting journey with a diode laser.  I did.  But can we use them to cut acrylic?


Should I be scared to use acrylic in my laser cutter?

No. All acrylic sold by RZ Acrylics is meant to be cut or engraved on a laser cutter. When cutting it is recommended to use air assist. When cutting or engraving make sure you are using proper ventilation.

Why cast acrylic?

Cast acrylic (as opposed to extruded) is better for engraving. Cast acrylic also cuts very well.

What speed and power settings work best for my acrylic?

All lasers have variation, so there are no set settings. Color, masking, and material thickness also may effect results. We recommend doing a speed and power test on each specific type/color of acrylic. We do have recommended settings for Glowforge users printed on all order pages found in your delivered box.

Which acrylic is best for sublimation?

We recommend standard white acrylic for sublimation. Clear would also be recommended if you are hoping for a transparent look. Please feel free to check out our Facebook group or other online resources for more information.

Why should I choose acrylic over wood?

Acrylic is a very reliable and consistent product. No sanding. No painting. No waiting to dry. Acrylic is less prone to warping, irregularities, and protection from the weather than comparable wood.

The acrylic sheets come masked on both sides. Should I remove this before lasering?

It is recommended that you leave the paper masking on when cutting. It is recommended that you remove the masking when engraving. Raising your acrylic sheet off the bed of your laser will reduce flashback on your edges, but... that has nothing to do with masking...

Certain acrylic sheets (such as glitter) come with a clear PE film. It is recommended you remove that type of masking when cutting and engraving.

What is the best way to attach acrylic to other acrylic?

There are many products that would achieve this goal. Common methods include Weld-On 3, Weld-On 4, 3M 467MP double sided adhesive, and 3M 300LSE double sided adhesive.

Double sided adhesive should be applied after removing masking and before laser cutting. The cut pieces will act similar to a sticker.

I need a specific shape or size of acrylic. Can you help me?

Sure can. Please contact us at for information and pricing.

I don't see the color/type of acrylic I'm looking for. Will you get it in stock?

Maybe. We hold our products to the highest standards and our reputation means everything to us. Feel free to contact us or voice your opinions on the Facebook page and we will be happy to listen.

When will my order ship?

Orders are scheduled to ship 1-2 business days after the order is placed. Orders placed before 3:00 PM EST may ship the day the order was placed.

Can I save money by picking up my order?

Yes! Simply select local pickup when checking out. You will receive an email when your order is ready to be picked up. We are located in Port Clinton, Ohio between Toledo and Sandusky.