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Glitter Black Cast Acrylic

Glitter Black Cast Acrylic

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All sheets aside from glitter are paper masked on both sides.  Glitter has a PE film which should be removed before cutting and engraving.

Available Sizes:

12”x19” - standard desktop laser size including Glowforge, xTool P2, Omtech Polar, Thunder Bolt, Gweike Cloud, FSL Muse, Flux Beambox (actual size is 11 13/16” x 19”)

3”x3” - sample size

8”x12” - K40 size

18”x24” - larger laser bed size including Aeon, OmTech, Thunder, Epilog, Boss, Full Spectrum (actual size is 17 ⅞” x 23 ⅞”)

*Please email for custom size requests

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